"Work is love made visible." -Kahlil Gibran

After nearly a decade working in marketing and communications across multiple industries, I realized I would never be happy sitting behind a desk. That I was just going to have to embrace my weirdness if I was ever going to realize my life’s purpose and greatest joy.

For my whole life I’ve been inspired to effect positive change in people’s lives. I thought a career in the field of traditional medicine was the way to do this, but every time I put my toes in that water, I realized that’s just not ‘IT’ for me. So I did what came easily and fit within social conventions. I’ve always had a very easy time reading others’ energy, but pursuing that seemed kind of woo woo. And what would I do, anyway?

Then in 2010, our first son was stillborn shortly before his due date. I was shocked and devastated. As I was recovering from the loss, through a series of events, I received absolute confirmation of “the Other Side.” With the added motivation of connecting with my son, I began a focused study of energy, matter, and intuition.

I received my Reiki Master level certification in 2012 and began a mentoring program with Marie Manuchehri in 2013. I began seeing clients in my home office that year, and opened my West Seattle office in September 2014. As my work evolves, I find new ways to offer what I have learned, to incorporate my training as a yoga teacher and my enthusiasm for intuitive art. Recently I completed a memoir about my experience following my first son’s birth, which renewed in me a love of writing. Life continues to unfold in the most extraordinary ways!

It is my absolute pleasure and honor to work with clients of all ages and stages, to support them through their own transitions and empower them to live aligned with the truth of their soul.