If you pay attention, your destiny has a way of revealing itself. For me, I picked up and put down the jewelry thread several times before realizing that designing jewelry was my Thing.

When I was young my mom brought home a handful of beads from an art fair. Eventually I got around to making a few pieces with them, which I sold to family friends. In high school, I made a small collection of necklaces, which I earnestly shopped to one retailer my first year of college. She turned me down. Discouraged, my passion went dormant for the next several years. Finally, while living on Maui, I had the opportunity to work for another jewelry designer. I realized I could do the same thing myself.

Upon moving back to Seattle, I began selling pieces to small retailers and at trunk shows along the west coast. I was committing more time and resources with each passing year. Finally, in 2009, I decided to leave my desk job to pursue jewelry design and my other passion, teaching yoga, full time.

The only constant is change, which is as true for my collections as it is for life itself. With the exception of our most popular Signature pieces, the collection is always evolving based on my latest inspiration. Limiting my production to a small number of each design ensures that you, as a retailer, are offering your customers a unique product they won’t find anywhere else. As a customer, it means your friends will constantly be coveting your Melinda Lane designs that are no longer available for sale.

I do my best to ensure all the materials I use are ethically sourced. It is important to me to create products with integrity: original designs made with sustainably gathered materials that delight and amuse every recipient.

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