What is your Client Agreement?

My commitment to you as a client:

  • To work first for love. If there ever comes a day that I am only working for money, I will cancel my appointments until I fall in love again with my work.
  • To maintain as clean and clear a channel as possible. This means that I will be well-rested, well-nourished and hydrated, and running my energy optimally.
  • To begin and end the session on time.
  • To relay all of the information that I receive in as concise a way as I can.
  • To provide every client with a recording of our session via digital file.
  • To provide referrals and resources whenever it is useful or requested.
  • To maintain your personal information with respect and confidentiality.
  • If you are unsatisfied immediately following your session, I will provide a refund.

My request of you as a client:

  • Your timely arrival and departure.
  • Payment in advance of your session.
  • An honest commitment to be open to whatever information is revealed in the session.
  • A willingness to be open to change.
What are your Terms of Service?
  • Fees for my services are collected before the appointment begins via PayPal or Square (I do this so clients can maintain their state of mind following a session, and so that we can maximize the time we have together.)
  • Clients will receive a 50% refund for appointments cancelled less than 24 hours in advance.
  • No refund will be provided in case a client does not show up for an appointment or forgets to cancel.
  • If you are late, our time together will be reduced accordingly. Please be on time or, better yet, come a little early and enjoy a lovely cup of tea in the waiting area before your session.
What does “energy intuitive” mean?
An energy intuitive receives information about energy that is present. Psychic is another word for it, though I don’t typically use that word because it has so many connotations that are not descriptive of what I do. For me, the intuitive information might present as an inner knowing, or sense. It may come in a vision (clairvoyance) or sound (clairaudience). The messages that an energy intuitive receives come from the subject’s energy field for their highest good (at least that is what I always seek and ask for when working with a client).
If you are psychic, will you know my secrets?
Probably not, though I cannot control what I perceive. I believe that the information I receive while I’m working is meant for the highest good of the client, and is the most essential information for them to know at that time. I do not pry into areas of people’s lives without their permission and trust that whatever is shown to me, regardless of how I feel about it, is going to be useful and healing for my client. I hold clients’ personal information with the utmost respect and confidence and do not keep any record of what is discussed.
What is energy healing?
Energy healing works on a subatomic level to dissolve congestion and move stagnant energy out of the body. We all have areas of our body that are vulnerable, whether it’s back pain, headaches, tight hips or hamstrings, or perhaps you are prone to depression, anxiety or mood swings. These symptoms give a good indication of areas that are holding energy, versus flowing with life. It may be as a result of unexpressed emotions, limiting beliefs, poorly digested food or insecurity with the process of life. Energy medicine works on the most essential areas first. There is great intelligence in living energy; it knows where to go. Ongoing work brings deeper healing. The goal is to bring balance to the physical body and create optimal overall health.
What is empowerment coaching?
My coaching focuses on helping clients learn how to create new beliefs and behaviors that support their highest good and move them toward their passion and purpose. Every session includes homework—a prescription of sorts—to support this mission. My goal is for clients to “graduate” and no longer need my services beyond, perhaps, an occasional “tune up”.
How do I register for an event?
Enter your information into THIS FORM and complete your payment (partial or full, as indicated) via the website or mail.
What will I experience in a session?
When you arrive, I will ask you to remove your shoes and lay down on your back on a massage table. I will make any appropriate adjustments for your comfort. If it’s your first session, I’ll give you an introduction to how I work and what I do. While you’re resting on the table, I will have my hands on your body (avoiding sensitive areas), placing them as I feel guided. I may ask questions of you while I work and will talk about what information is coming through, as it helps pave the way for more information to flow. My preference when you arrive is that you get right on the table without a lot of discussion. It helps me to remain neutral if I don’t have any preconceptions about why you have come. Clients often comment at the end of the session that they feel like they’ve had a massage, or massage and therapy combined!
How should I prepare for a session?
It’s ideal for you to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing and leave jewelry at home. Tight-fitted or restrictive clothing will not allow you to relax as easily. Also, please drink lots of water so you are well hydrated. Water is a good conductor of energy. Finally, please avoid alcohol for 24 hours before and after your session (it is a depressant and lowers your frequency).
Do you accept insurance?
I do not accept insurance but will consider a reduced rate for a client experiencing financial hardship.