Follow Your Flow

Follow Your Flow

It was a common sentiment, as the year wound down, that 2016 was a tough year. Certainly we felt it on the collective scale. But many of us also felt it individually.

Count me among the many who flopped and thrashed their way through. As I toiled and struggled to get my memoir published, I lost all perspective. Instead of accepting the setbacks that nearly every author goes through, I let it get to me, resulting in a state of near constant frustration.

At the same time, I scratched my head at why my healing practice had slowed down. This is particularly amusing because I more than doubled my rates in February and was actively communicating to the Universe that I did not want more clients—I needed to focus on writing. Of course it slowed down!

Finally, some time around late October, I surrendered. In fact, Surrender became my mantra. I relaxed my expectations around the memoir (I haven’t looked at it in months). I sought energy work and healing to replenish my reserves. In my personal time, I made a daily practice out of self care. As a result, I ended the year feeling nourished instead of depleted. At peace instead of conflicted. It was revolutionary, although nothing had changed but my mindset.

Now that I’ve stopped stressing over the memoir, I can feel a groundswell of enthusiasm for my next project. And as soon as I set my intention to see more clients (and reduced my rates!), I started to attract new clients effortlessly. I even had someone contact me out of the blue who I last saw three years ago.

This is the ease that comes with following your flow. In fact, EASE is one way to recognize where you’re being guided. Another excellent guiding principle is JOY. If you allow ease and joy to guide you, I guarantee you’ll like where you end up.

You may have set goals for 2017, or created resolutions for yourself. How are they going? I hope you’re finding success! If not, maybe it’s time to rethink and reset your intentions. Notice what is happening for you lately…where is there ease? How can you reshape your goals for the year to reflect those areas where you feel most joyful?

If this sounds great but you have no idea how to proceed, or if you are still considering what goals or intentions you want to set this year, I can help! Contact me to schedule a session and find your way to flow.