Full disclosure: I am polyamorous.

Full disclosure: I am polyamorous.

You’re right—that’s a total click-bait title, but it’s also true. Allow me to explain.

It’s been nearly three years since I began my energy practice. In that time, I have deepened my learning and mastered new skill sets, all the while becoming busier and busier. I am confident that what I offer clients today is more expansive than when I began, and more grounded at the same time.

I am consistently amazed by the volume and clarity of information I receive in each session. It is life changing for my clients—as you likely have experienced—and it gives me such a thrill. It is a deep honor to serve in this way and I absolutely love what I do.

Last year I wrote my first book. It’s a memoir about the stillbirth of our first son and the process of grieving—and healing—that followed. It was hard to write: emotional and painful and at times really intense. But it was a labor of love, both for my son, and for the people I hope it will help. And in the course of writing it, I had an epiphany: I love to write.

I am a woman with two loves. I love you—my clients and my practice—and I love writing. I am left with a beautiful dilemma: how do I balance my two loves?  How do I dedicate time to promoting my book and to serving my clients as well as nurturing my healing practice?

As I sat with these questions the answer became clear: it’s time to raise my prices. I have updated my website accordingly. The new prices reflect the cost associated with an increasing demand and decreasing supply. More than that, I feel they are a more accurate reflection of the value of my work.

The good news for you is that sessions will now be two hours long instead of 90 minutes. Healing is a creative process and this additional time allows me to better serve you by responding to your unique needs in the moment.

It is my sincere desire that clients come to me ready to transform their lives. My intention is not to be a weekly support that eases your discomfort enough so you can continue to tolerate what you don’t like about your life or relationships. I want to see you when that discomfort has gotten to be too much, when you are ready and committed to making changes that will impact the rest of your life for the better.

I will continue to offer hour-long sessions—energetic tune-ups, if you will—for existing clients. Additionally, I will be adding several new programs and retreats this year, giving you lots of options for how you want to work together toward your highest good.

The first program will be a Self-love Mastermind later this spring. Keep an eye on your inbox for more information about how you can participate.

Thank you for allowing me to do what I love.

In deepest gratitude,