New program! It’s free (and will change your life)

New program! It’s free (and will change your life)

Happy Summer Solstice! The weather in the Northwest has been so consistently perfect that it felt like summer arrived early. Now that it’s officially here, we can officially celebrate. So I am officially announcing the Summer of Self Love, a new program for YOU, by me.selflove

I love hippies, I love San Francisco, and if it’s music that was written in the 60’s, I probably love it, too. I actually kind of think I lived through that era in a past life, some version of my soulstuff wandering Haight-Ashbury in the Summer of Love, wearing flowers in my hair. I can practically still feel the mud at Woodstock caked on my smiling face.

The Summer of Love, in 1967, was the beginning of gender equality and political activism entering the mainstream. It was, perhaps, this country’s most recent social revolution. And it all began with ordinary people waking up and standing up for their beliefs. I imagine it was called the Summer of Love because people began to lead with their hearts, with what felt morally right instead of acting out of personal interest or simply maintaining the status quo.

The spirit of this time lives on in members of the Occupy Movement, kayaktivists on Elliott Bay, and protesters around the country demanding justice for recent victims of police brutality and homegrown terrorism. I have tremendous gratitude for every person who sees injustice and does something about it. If it weren’t for people standing up and speaking up, we would never progress as a society.

For me personally, I feel the greatest impact I can make toward changing the world is to change myself. And I have found that the fastest way to create lasting change in myself is to find ways to love myself more. As I explore the limits of the love I have for myself, I learn where I have more work to do. Interestingly, the areas where I find myself unlovable are also the areas I have the most judgment about other people. By learning to love and accept myself, cellulite and all, I also develop deeper love for people around me, strangers and loved ones alike. The space between us disappears and what remains is just: love.

This is an invitation to join me over the next three months to explore the limits of our self love and to actively work to heal those parts. Are you willing to take this journey with me? If so, send me an email at indicating that you are ready to love yourself more and more and more. I will invite you to join a private Facebook group. Over the next three months, I’ll post fun exercises, quotes and challenges to help you begin reducing your judgment and increasing your acceptance for every aspect of yourself. I promise you that loving yourself more will create miracles in your life as you remember and align with your true nature (and let go of the rest!).

Let’s heal the world by healing ourselves. May it be so.

All my LOVE and gratitude,


P.S. When you read this post, if you felt your chest flutter and your stomach got butterflies, that is an EXCELLENT indication that this program is for YOU, so send me an email now!