On listening to guidance

On listening to guidance

In a recent newsletter I featured a retreat called Discovering Your Joy. Doesn’t that sound juicy? Well, it was going to be. I had been busily planning it for several weeks and the details were coming together beautifully. And then I came in to work last week and got a big, fat “NO.”

Like…what? I’m doing this retreat. I have a perfect location and several support staff dynamos and I am so excited about the programming. It’s going to be epic.

And then…NO.

This is how I get information. I hear it. Sometimes I see it. Always, I feel it. And the information I received regarding the retreat was simply: No. Every
thought I have had about the retreat this past week feels internally to me like a horse that refuses to budge. Like afternoon traffic on I-5. Like a kid that won’t eat his broccoli. No.

Then I consider not doing the retreat and it feels like complete freedom. Galloping horses, an open road, an acquiescent kiddo. Easy-peasy. All yes. So there’s my answer.flow

It sounds really head-in-the-clouds-woo-woo when people talk like this, I know. Sometimes I feel shy about owning my experience because I don’t want people to think I’m ungrounded or full of shit. But this is what I do and it’s how I work. To realize my highest good in my work and my life, I have to own and use my gifts. It’s what I encourage clients to do, too.

I wish there was a way to talk about spiritual stuff without it sounding so far out and sometimes even empty. Energy, alignment, synchronicity, spirit guides, chakras…are you uncomfortable yet? I know I am, and it’s what I do all day. But how else can we talk about these forces that are absolute and essential? We don’t have another language for it. So, at the risk of sounding like I’m coming to you from some celestial realm and not this terra firma, I’ll carry on.

There is, apparently, not going to be a retreat this December. Which is a good thing, now that I’ve accepted it. Instead of feeling sad or bad about it, or worrying what people will think, I am excited about what it means. What is going to be happening December 1-4 instead? Maybe I’ll be in New York signing a book deal (hear that Universe?)! Alternately, what challenge am I being spared by listening to my guidance? Maybe the retreat center is going to sell this fall, and I would have had to cancel the retreat, anyway. I have no idea, but I trust that listening to the voice within will lead me to my highest good.

There are still a couple ways to work with me in the next few months. I am co-leading a new workshop series with psychotherapist and astrologer Kiki Erickson, described above. These will be informative, restorative, and fun, no matter your level of experience. Also, I have availability for client sessions Monday through Thursday, and by appointment on the weekends.

More information about the workshops can be found on my Retreats page. For more information about client sessions, go to melindalane.com.

As you continue to enjoy your summer, try tuning in to your own inner voice. Where might she lead you?