Energy Healing (in-person)

"When we cannot change a situation, we must change ourselves." -Viktor Frankl

Melinda Lane Fisher, Energy Intuitive


Melinda is a clear channel of spirit. The information is precise and accurate. Her energy is loving as she offers life changing information. She walks between the physical world and the energetic world with grace, opening up the space for me to do the same. I end up reflecting on the session for weeks after I see her, as I gently allow her wisdom to work it’s magic.

—Becky (Seattle, WA)

If you lack energy or feel stuck in your current situation, this is for you.

If you seek deep healing of a past wound, or want to improve your relationship with your family, this is for you.

If you want to find the relationship of your dreams or long to find your calling, this is definitely for you: these areas are my specialty!

In every appointment I am working on two levels: energy and intuition. This means that you, as a client, are getting a double dose of healing—like visiting a spa and your therapist at the same time. You will be supported, empowered and even a little pampered.

60 Minute Energy Session— $150
(Includes a complimentary digital recording. Please note that this option is for existing clients only.)

90 Minute Energy Session — $200
(Includes a complimentary digital recording. If you are a first-time client, please plan for a 90-minute session.)

Call (206-658-5591) or email me to schedule.