"Our greatest human adventure is the evolution of consciousness." -Tom Robbins

Melinda is the real deal. I had never been a believer in the reliability or efficacy of Reiki and energy work, but after my first divine appointment with Melinda, I couldn’t get around that she is a genuinely gifted Intuitive. She helped coach me through a critical life juncture with a balanced approach of energy work, counseling, empathy and direct, yet loving, honesty. If you are looking for some solid guidance and support to not just face life’s challenges, but to overcome them, Melinda is your answer.  -Kelly (Seattle, Washington)

It only takes a brief encounter with Melinda to understand why the universe has led her down the path for this calling. She radiates with love and goodness. She is genuine. Her energy is contagious. She is confident in her practice, highly intuitive in her everyday encounters, and lives with intention– and I truly believe she inspires the same in everyone she meets. -Kristen (Tacoma, Washington) 

Melinda is not only a highly skilled and intuitive energy healer, she is down to earth and easy to relate to. Her insights are offered with wisdom, clarity, honesty, and compassion; leaving the recipient feeling understood, yet with new tools for growth and expansion. She has amazing touch and presence, as well. I highly recommend her work! -Alesia (Kirkland, Washington)