The most effective resolution you can make

The most effective resolution you can make

I woke up late this morning, on purpose. Then I skipped the gym. And I’m loving myself for it. 

I had every intention to get up early and meditate this morning, I really did. Then I was planning to go to Barre class. But after waking up three times in the middle of the night, and noticing how sore I was from three days of hard exercise (harder than I’m used to, at least), I decided I’d be better off with a bit more sleep. I turned off my alarm. I could meditate when I got to my office and my body would benefit from a day off from the gym.

It felt good to respond to what my body and spirit needed in the moment. It felt even better to acknowledge that my choices were a way of honoring myself. That slacking off was, in this case, a way of practicing excellent self care. There was a time I might have slept in and skipped the gym as a way of taking care of myself. But then I would have felt bad about it all day. No more.

This year (and for the rest of my life), I am resolving to think differently about myself. To give myself the benefit of the doubt. To be kind and gracious, forgiving, loving, patient, and gentle with me, the same way I am with other people. Instead of criticizing myself for slacking, I’ll get curious about why I want to rest. Instead of wishing I was something different, I will honor what I am. Instead of “not good enough,” I’m sticking with simply “good enough.”

I can already feel the effects of this shift. Most essentially, I feel deeply nurtured. What I used to long for outside of myself, I am now providing from within. I’m fairly certain this shift will not only support my own happiness and ease, but will give me more grace to extend the same to others.

If this sounds good to you, join me in this resolution to love yourself more. How can you think about yourself more lovingly? What aspect of your life could use some grace or acknowledgment? How does it feel to hold yourself in the highest regard?

Next month I will be kicking off another Self Love Mastermind which will support you in following through on this commitment to yourself. Look for more information early next month.

With love and gratitude,